Atwater Seed Library

What is a Seed Library?

It is a collection of seeds that people can "borrow" to cultivate their garden. They are then invited to bring back the seeds harvested from these crops in order to share them with other users. The collection is thus built up over the seasons, according to individual donations.

How Does the Atwater Library Seed Library Work?

It’s an honor-based self-service system. It follows the principle of sharing: take what you need and bring back from your own seeds once it’s possible for you.

Who can borrow seeds?

All beginners or experienced gardeners.

Do I need a library card to borrow seeds?

No, anybody can use the Seed Library. Just leave your contact info when you borrow the seeds.

How to borrow?

Once in the library, check for the seed varieties, take what you need, fill a form with the needed information, fold the paper you filled out and put it in the green watering can placed above the seed library.

Any penalties if someone couldn’t bring seeds back?

No penalties. This service aims to encourage people to contribute against the losses in agrobiodiversity and grow local seeds that are adapted to our particular environment.

For more information: You can also check the seed list by typing the term “seed library” in the library’s catalogue.

Note: We have the following varieties as of March 2022, please visit the Seed Library in person to check for availabilities.
Drawer/TypeSeed name
Curiosities :Soya bean
 Garden Sorrel
 Rhubarbe de Chine
Flowers :Colombine
 Cosmos sulfureux
 Echinacée pourpre
 Garden Balsam
 Iris domestica
 Silver dollars
 Tithonia Mexican
 Wild lupins
 Pavot annuel
Melon :Cantaloupe
 Cantaloupe (tucson)
Herbs :Chives
 Salad Burnet
Beans (bush) :Duane Baptiste Potato Bean
 Gram bean
Beans (pole) :Albenghino
 Kahnawake Mohawk
 Lima, Christmas
Chickpeas :Black Kabouli
 Green 'Hummingbird'
Lettuce, Cabbage, Cress :Lettuce sucrine
 Lettuce mix
Peas :Biskopens Graert
 Cow pea 'Dong Bei'
 Dwarf gray sugar
 Joni's taxi
 Snow pea
Pepper :Espelette
 Large Yellow
 Medium Yellow
 Large Red
 Medium Red
 King of the north
Pumpkin, Squash, Zucchini :Buttercup
 Black Futsu
 Courge poivrée
 Hubbard, Golden
 Hubbard, Green
 Jarrahdale large
 Spaghetti squash
Radish :Cherry Belle
Tomato :Berou
 Black & Brown Boar
 Black Krim
 Garden Peach
 Petit moineau
 Red cherry
 Red paste tomato
Turnip :Chinese cabbage
 Mighty mustard mix